Prestige Home Centers of Inverness, Fl is a factory owned retail sales center
of Nobility Homes. Prestige Home Centers were formed to make the home
buying experience, for our valued customers, a pleasurable one. The
"middleman" has been eliminated and, because our customers are truly
buying factory direct, they receive more value for their hard-earned dollars.
All of our company owned retail sales centers are dedicated to making the
entire experience of buying a manufactured home a rewarding one.
Prospective home buyers have peace of mind knowing that thousands of
other homeowners have chosen the factory direct outlet concept and
purchased their homes from Prestige Home Centers, making Prestige the
LARGEST RETAILER IN FLORIDA. Prestige Home Centers are selling more
than well-built homes, they are selling the American dream of affordable
home ownership.

Prestige Home Centers strive to offer the most innovative models at each of
our sales centers, featuring dream kitchens, great rooms, glamour baths,
and large master bedrooms. Exteriors can be conventional, stone trimmed,
or Western Red Cedar Logs. Plus, many custom appointments are available,
inside and out.
You have made a sound decision when you purchase your
manufactured home from a strong, reputable company that has been in
business for 42 years and has built more than 43,000 homes.... we are
the company that builds, installs, finances, insures, and services the
home. Prestige Home Centers and Majestic Homes are truly the only
Florida based factory owned, factory direct sales centers. We eliminate
the "Middle-Man".
Contact Ken, Scott and Joe today and be on your way to owning your dream home!

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